We're lazy, have some patience...
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Lazy CryptoCats are an NFT-powered community comprised of 3500 uniquely rendered digital collectibles that lazily live on the Ethereum blockchain.

Meet the 3500

Lazy Crypto Cats

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Lazy Crypto Cat
Lazy Crypto Cat
Lazy Crypto Cat

The Lazy Lounge Club, an NFT-backed community that was born as a result of the universe’s random laziness.

Lazy Crypto Cat
Lazy Crypto Cat
Lazy Crypto Cat
Lazy Crypto Cat
Lazy Crypto Cat
Lazy Crypto Cat
Lazy Crypto Cat

We’re a lazy group of art collectors, crypto investors, digital artists, and project founders who spend their days working and discussing the rapidly evolving worlds of NFTs, DeFi, and cryptocurrency.

Our Story

Allow us to

About us

introduce ourselves

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We come from all walks of life

Some of us are visionary's and entrepreneurial cats who use their day time to connect with people and grow.

Lazy Crypto Cat, joker.

While others simply go about their daily lives and work regular 9–5 jobs.

Lazy Crypto Cat

Some of us live out in the deep-meta and farm for days for our feline families.

Lazy Crypto Cat
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There are even basketball junkie cats

There's developer cats, as well as cat kings, cat wizards, cat angels, iron-cats, cat barbarians, and cat rockstars to name a few...

Lazy Crypto Cats, three.

We all share two symbiotic characteristics


We’ve been passed down by universal, astrological, and technological advancements to say the least, and share family-like bonds between all 3500 us.

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We believe to some degree that cryptocurrency is the future of the world’s financial system and is an inevitable occurrence.

We’ve been quietly making a name for ourselves on the Ethereum blockchain and there will be 3,500 of us to collect.

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We're lazy,
we don't do inorganic marketing

Influencer partnerships, Paid Ads, or straight-up discord shilling never even crosses our mind; we simply don’t care for it and honestly, we see value that can be synergized amongst the community in a very specific few key areas:

High-quality rendered and equally affordable artwork
Learning, researching, and studying the crypto market daily
The immersive world of NFTs with all its collectors & projects
Slow, steady, and natural community growth within the Lazy Lounge Club
Making time for ourselves, working on our inability’s & weaknesses, and lazily moving with the universe
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                                                        To our lazy owners, thank you for believing in my art and vision for the Lazy CryptoCats from the beginning. Without the support and dedication from our team and community we would not be here today.
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Lazy Yuss
Founder, Lazy Wizard

We’ve been passed down to guide and inspire our owners to chase their laziest dreams. At first, we were randomly generated, now, we hold a common and collective purpose.

Stay lazy, get busy.