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The biggest set of Lazy Crypto Cats

Stay ready with Lazy Packs

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One pack,
three collectibles

One Lazy Pack contains 3 different products. Together, you're able to immerse yourself in the lazy cat community instantly.

10X Random Lazy Crypto Cats
Lazy T-Shirt
Genesis Merch Collection

1X Lazy Tee

1X set of Lazy Sweats

MyMoMint display
MyMoMint Digital Frame
stay lazyas lazy crypto catsas lazy pack
lazy crypto catsas stay lazyas lazy pack

Active uniform for a lazy team

For merch, we've partnered with three separate brands to ensure quality but also to make sure the LCC brand is repped in style, is comfortable to wear, and is top-tier material and design. These brands include: North Face®, Champion®, and Carhartt®.

Lazy Merch. Jacket & Sport JacketHands together. Help people. Hands together. Help people. Hands together. Help people. Hands together. Help people.

Lazy things allow you to physically get in touch with the lazy community and get a sense of its spirit and attitude.

Lazy Hoodie
Lazy Crypto Cat
A bundled chance to pull a rare

Each Lazy Pack is comprised of 10 randomly allocated Lazy CryptoCats that may hold rare or not yet seen traits. You never know, your very first pack could be holding your grail LCC.

10 Random
Lazy Crypto Cats

Lazy Crypto Cat
Absolute randomness

The effective randomness of each LCC mint allows everyone of our collectors to be on equal footing and for smart-contracts to choose the rarity of all Lazy CryptoCats.

MyMoMint Display
MyMoMint Display


A completely new collecting experience that finally bridges digital art and the metaverse with the real-world.

Each Lazy Pack will also contain a MyMoMint 7" 4K display that will come pre-loaded with your very own Lazy CryptoCats.

MyMoMint Display

We’ve been passed down to guide and inspire our owners to chase their laziest dreams. At first, we were randomly generated, now, we hold a common and collective purpose.

Stay lazy, get busy.